Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Norwex Dish Cloth

One reason I fell in love with the Norwex Products instantly was because my now 2 year old son has tons of allergies. We recently visited an allergist and discovered that he has additional food allergies. We suspected this due to the amount of itching he had been doing this spring and summer. Luckily eliminating the allergens from his diet has done wonders for the little man!

With his new allergy diagnosis I have been making homemade bread – because I can’t find any bread in the store that is free of the allergens we are attempting to remove from his diet.

Making bread isn’t a big deal; my grandma had an amazing recipe that she made every Saturday and Sunday for family meals. The mess that the flour / dough mix leaves behind is another story. I didn’t want to clean up the gunk with my EnviroCloth because I felt like it would ‘gum it up’ quickly and be very difficult to get out of all of the tiny fibers.

So I grabbed my Norwex Dish Cloth and decided to try it out on the ‘gunk’.

Of course, it worked like a charm. I followed the Dish Cloth with the every wonderful EnviorCloth and – CLEAN!

The loosely woven netting allowed the gunk and other residue to rinse out of the dish cloth into the sink. It still had a flour/yeast smell so I tossed it in the washing machine with my other Norwex items and it came out fresh, clean, and ready to use.

 It doesn’t look like much but I tell you what, I going to reach for it anytime I have something in my kitchen that is an ooey, gooey, mess!

Happy Norwexing!

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