Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Deep Clean Method

The Deep Clean Method:

This is one of the reasons I feel it is so important for those people interested in Norwex to attend a demonstration! There is so. much. information! If you have used regular liquid dishwashing soap on your cloths, or haven't let them dry out all the way before using them again, don't beat yourself up! I did it! Yep, it's true! Your clothes should be able to be saved by using a "Deep Clean Method".

There are several different approaches to this method, basically boil water, add Norwex Detergent, add cloths, remove from heat, allow to cool, rinse with hot water, and allow to dry. If a smell remains, or when rinsing your cloth the excess water is still dingy, repeat. 

This is my method more in-depth. 

1) Heat water (enough to cover the cloths) along with 1 teaspoon of Norwex Ultra Power Plus(TM) Laundry Detergent to a boil. 
2) Remove pot from heat and add cloths. 
3) Allow the water to cool - I typically let it sit overnight. 
4) Rinse each cloth with warm/hot water to allow any debris that was released during soaking to be removed. 
5) Wring to remove excess water, make sure the water is clear. 
6) Allow to dry completely - either by hanging or in the dryer. 

Photos...for those of use who enjoy visuals!
Fill a pot with hot water. 

Add 1/2 Teaspoon of Norwex Laundry Detergent

Heat water to a boil.

Beginning to Boil...

EnviroCloth Pre-Deep Clean.

Remove pot from heat source.

Add Cloth(s) - you can do more than one at a time. :o)

Allow water to cool completely - I prefer allowing them to sit overnight.

Rinse with hot water, this will release any debris that may have been left in the fibers. 

The water after one deep cleaned cloth...yikes!

Wring as much water from the EnvrioCloth as possible. 
The EnviroCloth after the deep clean, the cloth is stained and that is ok! It still works great!

Hang to dry! Our fabulous custom cabinet company installed this super cool towel drying rack that keeps the damp cloth away from the wood! It is awesome! (And full of Norwex!!!)

You can also toss it in the dryer at this point if you wish!

Use Norwex Ultra Power Plus™ Laundry Detergent for best results.
Make sure you allow your cloths to dry completely. Either hanging to dry or in the dryer. If they are not allowed to dry completely they may develop an smell. The smell can be taken care of with the "Deep Clean" method.  

Happy Norwexing!!!

Amy K Perry
Independent Norwex Consultant

Thank Goodness for Norwex

We all have days where we feel like we just can't keep up. Whether it is housework, schoolwork, work-work, or one of the other hundreds things that demand our time. If those things actually deserve our thoughts, time, and energy is a completely different thought altogether!

Today, my toddler was providing me with a "Thank Goodness for Norwex" day. I should have known when I as given five minutes of distraction free time to get ready to leave the house this morning. I should have known...

This is what I walked into...

 This is our little guy, with yes, lotion all over our couch...He sure is having a great time!
Couch and side table that is...

Knowing that this will be one of the smaller messes our little guy will make, I pulled my green EnviroCloth from under the sink and began to wipe the surfaces covered with lotion. It worked quite well, until I realized it was working a bit too well and the lotion was completely clogging my cloth - Uh-oh!

All cleaned up - Thank Goodness for Norwex!

I was running the cloth under hot water, rinsing, and going back for more lotion. In the end, my Norwex EnviroCloth removed all of the lotion from the surfaces YEAH! However, I wondered if I had ruined my was still filled with lotion residue after many repeated rinses...hmm...had my Norwex finally met its match?
I thought to myself, "If there is ever a time to test out the deep clean method - this is it." 
I began the process...see the full process at the bottom of this post. All in all, it only delayed our departure time long enough to get the pot of water boiling. Once it was I turned off the heat, added the cloth, and headed out the door.

When we returned later that day I checked on the cloth - the water was still warm so I moved the stockpot out of the way to allow it to finish cooling and check again later. When later came, I pulled the cloth from the water and began squishing the fibers between my fingers, testing them to see if the dreaded lotion residue still remained in the cloth.
To my pleasant surprise all of the lotion residue was gone from the EnviroCloth! The deep clean method had worked - and quite well! YEAH, Norwex!
I tested the cloth on several surfaces in the kitchen and continued to be surprised by the result. I tell you, these cloths never seize to amaze me!

Happy Norwexing!!!

Independent Norwex Consultant

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

120+ Uses for the Norwex EnviroCloth

On an ideal morning I am awake, have completed my morning treadmill run, and have showered by the time my little guy wakes up. On this particular morning I gave myself a challenge as I was putting in my 'treadmill time'. 

I challenged myself to come up with 100 uses for the ever so versatile Norwex EnviroCloth. With my phone in hand I began jogging and typing...there was some walking involved as well. Half-way through my run I had quite the list. My phone was awful sweaty (thank goodness for my EnviroCloth) and filled with over 120 different ways to use the Norwex EnviroCloth. 

Enjoy a few of my thoughts! 
I am sure you can think of more!

The ideas kept flowing! You really can clean about 90% of your home with that wonderful little cloth!

Happy Norwexing!

Amy K. Perry
Independent Norwex Consultant

The Amazing EnviroCloth

One of the most used Norwex products in our home is the absolutely fantastic EnviroCloth. Looking at the cloth you may ask yourself – or me – what is so special about Norwex’s cloth…

Well, let me tell you…
The Norwex EnviroCloth is the Highest Quality Microfiber on the Market
In North America to be considered a microfiber, a fiber must be split 1/6th of a human hair. Norwex’s closest competitor splits their microfiber 1/100th of a human hair. Norwex guarantees that their EnviroCloth is at least 1/200th of a human hair! That is super small.

All that fiber adds up!
Those small fibers really add up in that EnviroCloth! In fact if you were to unravel the EnviroCloth from end to end it would stretch from Maine to Miami, FL!!! That is A LOT of fiber!

I know you’re thinking, “So what, there is a lot of fiber in the cloth. What difference does it make?” All that fiber makes the cloth very dense, giving it the ability to collect 99% of bacteria from a surface when the proper care!!!

The cloth holds all those particles until it is rinsed under warm/hot water. The warm water open the fibers and allows the fibers to release the particles.

Silver, Silver, Silver!
The Norwex EnviroCloth contains their exclusive BacLoc™. Each of those tiny microfibers have silver woven into them. The silver is an antimicrobial, which prevents any bacteria remaining in the cloth from reproducing. As the cloth dries the silver goes to work! This means with proper care the Norwex Cloth should not develop any odors from bacteria, mold, and mildew within the cloth! The Norwex EnviroCloth is a cleaning cloth and DOES need to be cleaned! Look here for my cleaning instructions!

The EnviroCloth Info Sheet Side 1

The EnviroCloth Info Sheet Side 2

2 Year Warranty
All Norwex Microfiber products carry a two-year warranty. Please visit for complete details! Hold onto you order form, your Norwex Independent Consultant will need it if you have return. I keep a copy of all of my clients orders – just in case you misplace yours! :o)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Norwex also offers a sixty-day money back guarantee! However, I can say – I haven’t returned anything yet! 

I will soon be posting more about the EnviroCloth! It is simply put, one of Norwex's best and most versatile products! 

Happy Norwexing!

Amy K. Perry 
Independent Norwex Consultant

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Help! My Norwex Mop is Leaving Streaks! Eek!

I recently had a hostess borrowing “Linda” my “Lend-A-Mop” text and tell me that there were streaks left behind as the water dried! Eek! Not streaks!!!

With the Norwex Mop being one of the most coveted items in the book it should not leave streaks behind. I have had this happen to me, and here are a few ways I have used to remedy those streaks! 

No one wants streaks after mopping!
The Mop Pad May be Dirty
If you think your mop pad may be dirty, I suggest putting a very small drop of Norwex Liquid Dishwashing Detergent on the sopping wet mop pad. (It is best to do this in the sink) Then rub the soap in by rubbing the mop pad against itself. I also suggest using the Rubber Brush to scrub the pad. Once you feel like you have gotten most of the dirt out of the pad, rinse it with hot water. The hot water will open the cloth fibers and release any dirt. Note – the mop pad may be stained, and that is ok! Wring the mop pad out and try it again.

The Mop Pad could be Too Wet
The mop pad is intended to be damp, not sopping wet. If you can wring more water out of it, the pad is too wet.  As you are mopping and feel like the pad may be too dry, spritz the floor (or mop pad) with a couple of squirts of water from a spray bottle and continue to mop!
This is an image of my Mom's Ultra High Gloss Tile, I had to use way too much water on the Wet Mop Pad to get streaks! They are even difficult to see!
Previous Cleaners could be the Culprit
Sometimes, with my Mom’s floor in particular, there appears to be quite a bit of previous product build-up. It may take a few rounds (in her case a few months) of mopping to eliminate the entire residue from previous cleaners…ew…
However, I have to say I went to her house today in attempt to get images of streaks and I couldn’t! I had to use a way wet mop pad to leave streaks! Yeah, Norwex!!! 
Skipping the Dry Mop
I have to admit, I am guilty of this! I tend to mop all of our son’s food carnage after he eats into a pile under his high chair and then use an EnviroCloth to clean up my pile. Doing this however, often leaves pieces of food in my mop, occasionally leaving streaks.

After using too much water in my Dry Mop Pad, I spritzed the dry mop pad with water and this is the result! No more streaks, or chemical build-up! Norwex success!
Ultra High Gloss Floors
My mom’s house has ultra high gloss floors. We would use the mop extension brackets and hook an EnviroCloth on over the wet mop to really, really get her floors clean and streak free. Since we have finally been able to get all of the previous cleaner off of her floor, the blue wet mop pad works very well!

After using a way too damp Wet Mop Pad, I finished this tile off with a few mists of water and the dry mop pad. No more streaks!
Still Streaks?
If there are still streaks after attempting the above remedies, I suggest using your Dry Superior Mop Pad. After wet mopping if you still notice streaks, mist (just a few spritzes) your clean, dry mop pad with water. It will be a bit more difficult, to twirl around the floor and will take some getting used to. But it should get rid of your streaks!

If these ideas didn't work for you, or you have another one, please let me know! After all, it is such a great feeling walking barefoot across nice, clean floors...ahh...

Happy Norwexing!

Amy K. Perry
Independent Norwex Consultant