Sunday, March 6, 2016

Help! My Norwex Mop is Leaving Streaks! Eek!

I recently had a hostess borrowing “Linda” my “Lend-A-Mop” text and tell me that there were streaks left behind as the water dried! Eek! Not streaks!!!

With the Norwex Mop being one of the most coveted items in the book it should not leave streaks behind. I have had this happen to me, and here are a few ways I have used to remedy those streaks! 

No one wants streaks after mopping!
The Mop Pad May be Dirty
If you think your mop pad may be dirty, I suggest putting a very small drop of Norwex Liquid Dishwashing Detergent on the sopping wet mop pad. (It is best to do this in the sink) Then rub the soap in by rubbing the mop pad against itself. I also suggest using the Rubber Brush to scrub the pad. Once you feel like you have gotten most of the dirt out of the pad, rinse it with hot water. The hot water will open the cloth fibers and release any dirt. Note – the mop pad may be stained, and that is ok! Wring the mop pad out and try it again.

The Mop Pad could be Too Wet
The mop pad is intended to be damp, not sopping wet. If you can wring more water out of it, the pad is too wet.  As you are mopping and feel like the pad may be too dry, spritz the floor (or mop pad) with a couple of squirts of water from a spray bottle and continue to mop!
This is an image of my Mom's Ultra High Gloss Tile, I had to use way too much water on the Wet Mop Pad to get streaks! They are even difficult to see!
Previous Cleaners could be the Culprit
Sometimes, with my Mom’s floor in particular, there appears to be quite a bit of previous product build-up. It may take a few rounds (in her case a few months) of mopping to eliminate the entire residue from previous cleaners…ew…
However, I have to say I went to her house today in attempt to get images of streaks and I couldn’t! I had to use a way wet mop pad to leave streaks! Yeah, Norwex!!! 
Skipping the Dry Mop
I have to admit, I am guilty of this! I tend to mop all of our son’s food carnage after he eats into a pile under his high chair and then use an EnviroCloth to clean up my pile. Doing this however, often leaves pieces of food in my mop, occasionally leaving streaks.

After using too much water in my Dry Mop Pad, I spritzed the dry mop pad with water and this is the result! No more streaks, or chemical build-up! Norwex success!
Ultra High Gloss Floors
My mom’s house has ultra high gloss floors. We would use the mop extension brackets and hook an EnviroCloth on over the wet mop to really, really get her floors clean and streak free. Since we have finally been able to get all of the previous cleaner off of her floor, the blue wet mop pad works very well!

After using a way too damp Wet Mop Pad, I finished this tile off with a few mists of water and the dry mop pad. No more streaks!
Still Streaks?
If there are still streaks after attempting the above remedies, I suggest using your Dry Superior Mop Pad. After wet mopping if you still notice streaks, mist (just a few spritzes) your clean, dry mop pad with water. It will be a bit more difficult, to twirl around the floor and will take some getting used to. But it should get rid of your streaks!

If these ideas didn't work for you, or you have another one, please let me know! After all, it is such a great feeling walking barefoot across nice, clean floors...ahh...

Happy Norwexing!

Amy K. Perry
Independent Norwex Consultant

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