Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thank Goodness for Norwex

We all have days where we feel like we just can't keep up. Whether it is housework, schoolwork, work-work, or one of the other hundreds things that demand our time. If those things actually deserve our thoughts, time, and energy is a completely different thought altogether!

Today, my toddler was providing me with a "Thank Goodness for Norwex" day. I should have known when I as given five minutes of distraction free time to get ready to leave the house this morning. I should have known...

This is what I walked into...

 This is our little guy, with yes, lotion all over our couch...He sure is having a great time!
Couch and side table that is...

Knowing that this will be one of the smaller messes our little guy will make, I pulled my green EnviroCloth from under the sink and began to wipe the surfaces covered with lotion. It worked quite well, until I realized it was working a bit too well and the lotion was completely clogging my cloth - Uh-oh!

All cleaned up - Thank Goodness for Norwex!

I was running the cloth under hot water, rinsing, and going back for more lotion. In the end, my Norwex EnviroCloth removed all of the lotion from the surfaces YEAH! However, I wondered if I had ruined my was still filled with lotion residue after many repeated rinses...hmm...had my Norwex finally met its match?
I thought to myself, "If there is ever a time to test out the deep clean method - this is it." 
I began the process...see the full process at the bottom of this post. All in all, it only delayed our departure time long enough to get the pot of water boiling. Once it was I turned off the heat, added the cloth, and headed out the door.

When we returned later that day I checked on the cloth - the water was still warm so I moved the stockpot out of the way to allow it to finish cooling and check again later. When later came, I pulled the cloth from the water and began squishing the fibers between my fingers, testing them to see if the dreaded lotion residue still remained in the cloth.
To my pleasant surprise all of the lotion residue was gone from the EnviroCloth! The deep clean method had worked - and quite well! YEAH, Norwex!
I tested the cloth on several surfaces in the kitchen and continued to be surprised by the result. I tell you, these cloths never seize to amaze me!

Happy Norwexing!!!

Independent Norwex Consultant

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