Friday, February 26, 2016

I Have My Norwex, Now What?

It is cleaning Christmas! (Especially for those cleanaholics among us!) Your Norwex order has arrived from myself, your host, or at your doorstep! But what now?!?

You open your order, to find those awesome Norwex Microfiber Products and you remember the presenter demonstrating how great they work. What to clean first? With which cloth?

We are all human and even though we would love to be able to remember every little detail, we don’t! (Especially when we are trying to assimilate all of this new information into our pre-existing knowledge)

Bringing me to the main reason for this blog.
I want my customers to feel as though they are equipped with the information necessary to maximize the cleaning potential in each and every product they purchase. If you purchased a product from me, I want you to not just clean, but to Norwex! This blog provides an additional resource for my customers to ask questions, discuss products, and really branch out with ideas for using their Norwex Products!
I will use this page as a springboard to additional Norwex Products. If I haven’t discussed an item yet, please - bear with me! You can also, email me or comment about the products you would like to see sooner than later! Have a story or testimony you really want to share? Please do so! Share your personal testimonies / before and after photos with us in the comments section below!
The Norwex “Meat and Potatoes” Collection:
Window Cloth
Dusting Mitt
Cleaning Paste
Norwex’s Coveted Mop
Dishwashing Liquid
Laundry Detergent 
Caring for you Cloths!

Amy’s Favorites – She uses them EVERYDAY!!! 
All Purpose Kitchen Cloth
Kitchen Cloth & Towel
Make-Up Remover
Body Clothes
Pet to Dry
Optic Scarf
The "Have it All" Package

The "Safe Haven" & "Just Add Water" Packages

Happy Norwexing!
Amy :o) 

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