Friday, February 26, 2016

What if I'm Not a Clean-aholic?

Hmm, well let me warn you, you may become one! If you don't that's quite alright! Norwex is a great choice for tons of people! I have had hosts and guests tell me that they, "Hate to Clean", many fall into this category and it is just fine! 

They even admit they dreaded coming to a 'cleaning' party - gasp?!? Kidding...I have to admit, I wasn't thrilled about attending my first Norwex party - mainly because I had never, ever heard of there products.
And then...they receive their first Norwex Cloth. Love at first cleaning.
These are some of my favorite clients! People who are not fond of cleaning. They quickly realize that cleaning the house is not a chore set aside for a specific day of the week - often times their day off. Instead, I encourage them to approach it as a science experiment. So much more fun. :o) 

Sounds familiar to me...

On a more serious note, I realize that that some people enjoy cleaning while others do not. I get it! Norwex is wonderful for our Non Clean-aholic friends who don't enjoy cleaning, because it can reduce your cleaning time by up to 75%. 

That's right, 75% less time cleaning and more time enjoying your life!

Of course, you have to get past the first couple weeks to a month of novelty binge "norwexing" which tends to be a common trend! However, it is well worth it once you realize you will never need to go down the cleaning aisle of the store again! 

Happy Norwexing!
Amy :o)  

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