Monday, February 22, 2016

The Day "Norwex" Became a Verb

As you know, I love to clean. When we purchased our Dyson I remember no longer calling vacuuming sweeping, but rather "Dysoning". I tend to turn nouns which I love into verbs which I use all the time. 

I cannot tell you the exact date, but it was soon after my windows encountered the Household Package Trio in my first post, My Microfiber Journey. I was cleaning everything I could with the very few Norwex Items I had purchased. Stoves, walls, sinks, stainless steel appliances. If it was a hard was being "Norwexed"! If there was a mystery stain, spot, or who knows was being "Norwexed"! I was (still am) obsessed!
I had gone to my mom's house and we were Norwexing things there! We. were. amazed! I remember saying to her, "Wow, I really love these, maybe I should think about selling them" and with that the idea was born. It wouldn't be too far beyond that point that I became, Amy Perry, Independent Norwex Consultant. 
Oh, and by the way...I no longer clean, I Norwex! 
Like it – Buy some Norwex
Love it – Host a Show
Want it All! – Join Me as an Independent Sales Consultant! 
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