Monday, February 22, 2016

My Microfiber Journey

This obsession of mine began with an invitation to my sister-in-law's home for a Norwex Party. As I sat through the presentation, I was skeptical of this seemingly 'magical' microfiber cloth. The texture sent shivers down my spine and the claim that it needed only water to clean a hard surface...not only to clean a hard surface but it claimed to have the ability to leave the surface literally spotless and streak-free.

Let me give you some background on me before I continue...I have always been a bit of a neat freak who loved to clean; I prefer my carpet fibers to all be vacuumed the same direction to prevent the visible vacuum 'tracks' or path, I constantly used paper towels and A LOT of All Purpose Cleaner on my hard surfaces around the house - especially counter tops, and yes, I would even be on my hands an knees with a cloth and a bucket full of floor cleaner to give my floors a good clean! 

It's OK; you can say what you're thinking, "OCD"...yep. I agree.

I was always on the hunt for new (and what I thought would be improved) cleaning products just in case they were actually better than the ones I had stashed under my kitchen sink. I never took the time to read the instructions or warning labels on the back of each product. Why should I? I have watched my mom, countless advertisements, and other people clean. How hard should it really be?

Looking back now, I think about all of the time (and money $$$) I wasted - yes, this cleanaholic said wasted - on my old view of cleaning!

Now, back to my sister-in-law's Norwex Party. I have a toddler, he is awesome, he makes me smile, he makes me laugh, he can send me to my breaking point quicker than anyone else on this Earth, he is my very own mess maker, I love him, and wouldn't want it any other way. 

I ordered a few products; the Household Package and the Mini Mop System, hoping they would help decrease the amount of time I spent 1) on my hands and knees cleaning up the aftermath of my toddler's breakfast, lunch, or dinner 2) finally get the windows cleaned after our (still underway) renovation - drywall dust, drywall joint compound, new window stickers, silicone from the window installation (what a lovely surprise that was), along with a wonderfully thick layer of drywall dust that still remained on our window sills were among many of the things I was preparing to wage war against.

I had attempted to tackle these windows with multiple 'best on the market' cleaners. These methods only ended with me using approximately half a roll of paper towels and managing to smear the residue (now a paste) all over my windows, and leaving me frustrated. 

The day my Norwex shipment arrived I began to clean a very dirty window in my kitchen. I armed myself with a damp EnviorCloth tossed over my left shoulder, the Window Cloth over my right, and the Dusting Mitt on my hand. 

First, I chose to use the Norwex Dusting Mitt to go over the window top to bottom. Remarkably, ALL THE DRYWALL DUST was in the Dusting Mitt after only a few swipes. Did you read that correctly? ALL of those tiny, annoying, pain in my side drywall dust particles were in the Dusting Mitt! I shook the mitt, nothing came out. What?

Next, I pulled my damp Norwex EnviroCloth from my shoulder and began to wipe it across the vinyl, around the window sills, and finally over the glass. With very little effort the items I mentioned above were soon off of my window! They were simply GONE!

While the glass was still damp, I flipped my EnviroCloth back over my left shoulder and traded it for my Window Cloth. "This will be the real test" I thought to myself. Mimicking my Norwex Independent Consultant, I folded and slid the purple window cloth easily over the damp window pane. 
Streak free. Spotless. Under 5 minutes. POOF, Mind Blown!
Really? Did I really clean my window with water and a microfiber cloth? I moved to another window and another...needless to say, I was hooked. In fact, I was awake until about 2 in the morning cleaning all the windows, mirrors, or objects with shiny surfaces in my house with these three items. All the windows, aside from the 2 bedrooms which held my sleeping husband and little man. 

In fact, I videoed myself cleaning a few of the windows! Whole window, start to finish, under 4 minutes! 

Hooked...I loved it; I needed more...good thing I had signed up to host my very own Norwex Homeshow at my house! I couldn't wait! (...and I didn't!)

Like it – Buy some Norwex
Love it – Host a Show
Want it All! – Join Me as an Independent Sales Consultant!

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